Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A is for Alexa

I made an alphabet book for Alexa for Christmas. I put in her relatives and as many 'churchy' words as I could. I also made books for her little cousins. It was a lot of fun! I used Blurb.com to make it.


  1. Hey! I remember you posting this and I LOVE the idea. I hope you don't mind if I copy it. Quinn is loving books right now and I think it is time to make one:) I want to copy your layout. I have made quite a few books using blurb but they have all been blog books. Do you make them online or do you use booksmart? I want to know the quickest and easiest way to do it, haha. What size and type of book and pages did you choose? Do the pages seem like they would tear easy?
    I hope I am not bothering you with all of the questions! My email is Lnkdup283@gmail.com if you wouldn't mind sending me a quick email. Thanks so much Danielle! I love reading all of your updates! Alexa is sooo cute!

  2. oh and where did you find all of your gospel/church pictures? Is there anyway I can just use your layout and add my own pictures in?:) probably not, but I wish!! It is seriously perfect!

  3. Hello! I am planning on doing an ABC book for Joel for Christmas and remembered this adorable one for Alexis. Pretty much i have all the same questions as Brittny above :-) How you did the layout and the page strength especially. If life is not to crazy I would love to hear some of the tricks to your talent. My email is orellana.sheila@yahoo.com