Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind-the-Door Book Shelves

I was going to make these rain gutter bookshelves I posted earlier. But, it turns out the end caps are more expensive than the actual gutter part. So, when my family came to visit a couple weeks ago, my wonderful dad and brother helped me make these cute shelves. They were just different pieces of molding from Home Depot. The piece that the books sit on have a little ridge which keeps the books from sliding off. We just self-cut them with the saws they have in the store, nailed them together, and painted them. Simple! And a great way to use the dead space behind the door.

More Ideas:
PERFECT!!!!  We have so many kids books (and grown-up books) that I'm afraid the house will explode and all the words will be let loose into the atmosphere!!!  This is a great way to use a space that is normally ignored - behind a door - $4 ikea spice rack book shelves - behind the door...I love that it's making use of wasted space
$4 Ikea spice racks

Rain Gutter book shelves behind a door. Galvanized Paint Buckets for everything else . . . indestructible!!!
Rain Gutter Book Shelves

DIY Picture/Book Ledge - May be the perfect solution for part of that awkwardly long wall in the guest room. (or behind a door!?)
Picture Ledge Shelves

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  1. Those turned out super cute! I have been wanting to make some book shelves like that, but haven't yet. Thanks for the extra motivation.